About SMART Learning Suite Software:

SMART Learning Suite (SLS) Software helps teachers connect with students and create a collaborative classroom experience.

Using SLS Software in conjunction with an Interactive Display, teachers can create interactive lessons including quick to create game-based activities. The software includes an assessment component and is now accessible via the cloud, so lessons are accessible from anywhere at any time.

It is the ultimate education suite, keeping teachers in control of the content they create and deliver making lessons truly unique.

SLS Software includes:

  • lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning
  • both the desktop and online experience;
  • access to the suite anytime, anywhere – even at home;
  • the ability to send lessons and activities to student devices; and
  • student access from any web-enabled computer, tablet or phone.


SLS Software is also compatible with most digital devises such as:

  • Chromebooks;
  • Tablets;
  • iPad;
  • PC;
  • Laptops;
  • iPhones; and
  • SMART Phones etc

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1. SMART Notebook – Interactive Lessons

With the SMART Notebook Software, teachers can create, edit and present lessons using the SMARTs features. For example:

  • Creative pen tools
  • SMART Ink for writing and drawing in digital ink
  • SMART Ink presentation tools such as screen shade, spotlight, and more
  • Infinite cloner
  • Add shapes, text, images, text, tables, lines, and shapes
  • Interact with page objects
  • Insert images and widgets – such as interactive dice, timers, and spinners
  • Import PowerPoint (Windows only) and PDF files and convert them to SMART Notebook files

2. Game Based Activities

SMART Game Based Activities can be utilised to enhance your lesson experience by creating and adding interactive features to your activities.  By making your lessons interactive, students will then understand your message more effectively, improving the learn outcome.

Game Based Activities are great for gaining students attention and encouraging them to participate.  With many game formats available to create your lessons, you simply select a game format, add your lessons content and select your theme. Game Based Activities are user friendly so you can relax and have fun while putting your lessons together. These lessons can be created within minutes and while your class will enjoy an interactive game-based learning activity.

3. Formative Assessments

Formative Assessments is a highly intuitive and simplified assessment tool enabling a more efficient and effective tool for creating assessment questions. With Formative Assessments, you can quickly discover how much each student understands each lesson. Questions can be prepared using True or False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers or you can even generate short answers questions. Again, using the Formative Assessments software, you can create a set of questions in just a few short minutes. Then the students can complete the questions using their own devices while providing the teacher with real time instant feedback. Teachers are able to strategically assess students, identifying which students understand the subject learnt and where additional learnings are necessary.

4. Collaborative Workspace

Collaborative Workspace is cloud-based software where students are able to utilise mobile devices to create and share content and co-create. They can also answer questions prepared by the teacher which is great for formative feedback. Collaborative Workspace enables teachers and students to work collaboratively together by creating an environment where students can ask and answer questions and stimulating classroom discussions. A fantastic feature of the Collaborative Workspace app is students from different classes, schools, and even countries can work on projects together by utilising SMARTs Virtual Workspace. To create a Collaborative Workspace, you first create a customised class lesson, adding images, videos, and documents etc. Once you are happy with your lesson, you can invite your students to the Virtual Workspace so they can all work together collaboratively.

With SMART Learning Suite Software, lessons become fun and engaging and most importantly, teachers are able to connect with students more effectively, helping everyone to reach their full potential.