What is SMART Meeting Pro?

SMART Meeting Pro software is an online tool allowing you to effectively collaborate with your audience. For instance, capture ideas and develop concepts – keeping your meetings engaging, fun and productive.

How Can SMART Meeting Pro benefit you?

SMART Meeting Pro was designed for businesses to not only share ideas and concepts but to keep meetings running smoothly and in an organised way. Ordinarily, you might annotate and wrtie with ink onto a traditional whiteboard. However, with SMART Boards you have the ability to use digital ink that never runs out. Using a SMART Board together with the SMART Meeting Pro Software you can:

  • Marking up documents
  • Analysing complicated data
  • Brainstorming and problem-solving sessions
  • Board Meetings
  • and much more

Take advantage of the many pre-prepared templates to kick off your meetings such as:

  • Brainstorming
  • Decision Making
  • Flowcharts
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Problem Solving
  • Post-it Notes
  • and more

Some amazing key features are:

  • Annotating with digital ink on the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards
    • You can annotate over files, documents, videos etc
  • Video Conferencing
    • The SMART Meeting Pro Software can be integrated with Video Conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, just to name a few.
  • Real Time Screen Sharing capabilities
  • Infinite Panning capabilities
  • Upload your own images and files
  • Rotate, Resize or move the images around
  • Zoom in and out on content
  • SMART Capture tool
    • Capture your meetings notes, save and share
    • instantly distribute to your audience.
  • Save your Whiteboard on multiple platforms
    • Cloud
    • USB
    • Hard drive
  • Sharing Content
    • Connect Multiple Displays. You can connect up to 16 displays simultaneously to the same workspace.
    • Annotate on one device and in real time – your annotations will appear on all 16 devices live
    • Email notes directly from the SMART Board Interactive Display – no more time spent re-typing notes for circulation
    • Convert handwritten notes to Text
    • Onscreen keyboard so you can type text directly from the SMART Board
    • Gallery with Temples, Images and Shapes
    • Easily navigate from annotating on the Digital Whiteboard to annotating on Websites, Documents, blueprint plans etc
    • Radar View. See your content and annotations that is outside of the immediate viewable Whiteboard area. In Radar View touch the content you would like to work on, and instantly, your content appears on your whiteboard and you can continue working.
    • Build you own galleries for bespoke company templates
    • Bookmark feature  especially easy to navigate to your desired content
    • Compatible with:
      • Adobe
      • Windows 10
      • MS Exchange
      • Office 365
      • OneNote
      • AutoCAD
      • Exchange and Office 365
      • Again, just to name a few

Hold your next meeting on a SMART Board Interactive Display. Make your meeting truly collaborate and enganging by taking advantage of the amazing features included SMART’s Software.