What is SMART Remote Management Software?

SMART Remote Management is a cloud based software management platform enabling key people working remotely to access and control your devices. For example, you can control multiple SMART Board Interactive Displays with iQ from one central location or remote location. In short, you can manage any devises operating with Windows, Chrome, Andriod and iOS operating systems. Carrying out remote maintenance has never been so easy. SMART Remote Management software allowing you to provide IT support from afar by securely accessing individuals devices within your organisation.

You can distribute updates, send individual or group messages and run device diagnostics. You can securely retrieve real-time reports by track devices and user statuses through the dashboard and diagnostics functions.

To get started, simply sign into your SMART Remote Management software. It will then take you straight through to the Dashboard. The Dashboard displays your live information providing vital information about your devices and users. From the main menu, you can access all the system features. For example, your Devices, Command history and setup, Users Analysis and much more.

Features and benefits of SMART Remote Management software:

Take control of any devices, any screen, any where, any time consequently saving you precious time. You can create special groups with unique policies and custom settings making it easier to manage fleets of devices

Always knowing where all your devices are, all the time, helps you to operate more effectively and efficiently. Remotely track through GPS and create location perimeters are fantastic tools for tracking your valuable IT assets.

Different options are availale for sound setting to help you create your very own alerts and alarms for important events. Devices can also be coordinated by locking lost or stolen devices and you can even set up anti-theft alarms for some extra security.

You can easily distribute and communicate through instant messages and operating system commands such as updates to fleets of devices. You can conveniently coordinate and categorise devices by departments or groups through the SMART Remote Management software and it is impressively capable of managing thousands of devices.

SMART Remote Management software

Running Reports:

Reports can be run for individual devices or specific groups. Retrieving device usage reports in real-time enables you to extract statistical information including which devices are active, inactive and how long they have been active for. For instance, you can remotely install software, apps, apply updates, configure devices, implement restrictions and manage website URL’s by creating and activating preferred blacklists.

Software Updates:

When it comes to routine software updates, in short,  you can simply run over-the-air package updates or choose to run spontaneous update at your own convenience.

In conclusion, SMART Remote Management software has made managing fleets of SMART Board Interactive Displays and devices so convenient. Thereby, giving you peace of mind that your fleet of asset devices are being managed to your personal satisfaction.