What is SMART TeamWorks Software?

SMART Teamworks is a software designed to help businesses create collaborative workspaces and to accelerate the decision-making. Also, by using the SMART Teamwork’s Software together with a SMART Board Interactive Display, meeting holders are more equipped to create interactive member engagement meetings, resulting in a greater sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Launching a meeting is as simple as a One Touch Launch

Wirelessly ‘Screen Share’ to your audience in the room and to those in remote locations or simply use the digital whiteboard solution to annotate or upload your working documents and files for all to see. For example, platforms include:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Web Browsers
  • Photos
  • Graphs
  • Maps
  • Articles
  • Web based learning tools
  • and much more
SMART TeamWorks Whiteboard

Audience participation

The audience can contribute to a meeting by annotating on their own devices which is simultaneously loaded to the SMART Board. One real advantage of SMART Teamwork’s Software and SMART boards technology is that participants can be in the office (locally, interstate or overseas), at home or from a third party organisations  and still effectively contribute to your meeting  thanks to the Screen Sharing experience.

Incidentally, if you are looking for a basic Whiteboard experience, the SMART Board Interactive Display is more than capable. However, if you are looking to take your meetings to the next level by including a collaborative and engaging experience, SMART Teamwork’s is the product for you.

Some of the Key Features of SMART Teamwork’s are as follows:

  • Microsoft Exchange Integration
  • Skype, Zoom etc Integration
  • Integrated Conferencing Solution
  • Application Launcher
  • Dynamic Digital Whiteboard with infinite annotating space
  • Host and Launch Screen Sharing Meeting Sessions
  • Real-time audience contribution through Screen Sharing with multiple devises
    • iOS, Android and Windows devices
      • Including, iPad, Tablets, iPhone etc
    • Wireless Screen Sharing for up to 8 meetings
      • multi-participant content contribution
    • Automatic meeting recap email functionality

With SMART Teamwork’s you can:

  • Quickly start an ad-hoc meeting.
  • See a daily calendar of the room’s scheduled meetings.
  • Set up SMART Teamwork’s with its own meeting room account to enable simple meeting start-up with 1-touch join.
  • Move, rotate, zoom and navigate content.
  • Share up to 8 devices simultaneously to the SMART Board interactive display.
  • Tap a shared screen on the display to bring it into focus, then minimize it to return to view all the shared screens.
  • Insert videos, web browsers, and PDF and Microsoft Office files. With multi-page files you can move through the pages and annotate with digital ink without having to open the file in its default program.
  • * Use SMART Ink to annotate over objects.
    • the digital ink stays with the content and scales to fit it, no matter if you move, rotate, or resize it.
  • Double-tap content to expand it to full screen and present it.
  • Remote or in-room participants connection to the whiteboard including individual participant content contribution. Participants (in-room and remote) can join from devices via:
    • Meeting URL, ID, and PIN
    • QR code
  • Ultrasonic pairing
  • Quickly complete simple tasks such as opening or clearing the digital whiteboard.
  • Dictate to the digital whiteboard and have SMART Teamwork’s convert your speech to text.
  • Email or save a customized summary PDF of the whiteboard content.

SMART Teamwork’s supports the following conferencing solutions:

  • Cisco WebEx
  • Google Meet
  • GoToMeeting
  • InFocus ConX
  • join.me
  • Lifesize
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Zoom

By using SMART Ink, you can thereby draw or write using digital ink within the SMART Teamwork’s Whiteboard. Subsequently, the digital ink enables you to annotate over inserted objects, such as Images, Microsoft Office files or PDFs etc. When you annotate over content with digital ink, the intelligent digital whiteboard scales the content and ink together, so then you can move, resize and rotate, the ink and contact move and scale together and unify?

Incorporating SMART Board Interactive Displays with SMART Teamwork’s Software into your business equips you with the perfect collaboration tool for any working environment looking to create engaging meetings.