SMART Board Pro 6000S series

Put more heads together

Businesses achieve more when meetings are productive, and remote colleagues are able to collaborate as well as teams in the same room. The new SMART Board 6000 Pro series with iQ reduces meeting time by looping in more minds, insights and perspectives at once. It’s a catalyst for innovation in the connected age. 

iQ makes everything one touch away

SMART Board dislays with iQ let presenters switch with a tap, from showing a video to presenting quarterly results to surfing the Internet.
Available with Windows® 10 Pro on an Intel® Compute Card

Push updates. Send messages. Run diagnostics.


SMART Remote Management lets you efficiently maintain, secure and support all your devices – including SMART Board displays with iQ.


The SMART Board 6000 Pro series makes collaboration easy and brainstorming sessions fun. With eight simultaneous touch points on Mac and PC, colleagues can do different things on the board side-by-side.

SMART Board 6000 Series

Only with SMART

Exclusive to SMART Board displays, SMART Ink® software lets you write over videos and websites, and into PDFs and Microsoft Office® files, then save notes right in the file. Even better, Simultaneous Tool Differentiation frees colleagues to write, erase and move notes at the same time.


Writing on the SMART Board 6000 Pro series is as easy as paper. Now teams can annotate, scribble on and transform all sorts of documents and digital content in imaginative ways.

Object awareness™ knows fingers select, pens write and palms erase

Smooth writing experience looks and feels natural with no jagged lines

With Pen ID™, colleagues can write in two different colours at the same time and teams can see who contributed what

Silktouch™ finish eliminates finger burn, even after hours of use


Connecting everyone and everything, the SMART Board 6000 Pro series gives teams a chance to share their unique perspectives and collaborate with remote colleagues worldwide.

Share any device Android, Apple and Windows device with the board

Redesigned to make sharing, presenting and contributing really easy for busy people

No wires to plug in. No apps to install. No extra hardware to buy. It arrives ready for business

4K Ultra HD resolution ensures every presentation looks sharp