SMART Board 7000 series

SMART Board 7000 series

Inspire greatness with SMART Board 7000 series is 25 years in the making, and all new. The 7000 series is the digital heart of your interactive classroom experience, connecting SMART Boards and software, devices and vibrant imaginations. It helps students discover talents and passions, and teachers to promote student achievement in exciting new ways.

iQ makes everything one touch away

iQ Android™ embedded computing let teachers switch with a tap, from delivering a lesson to writing on a whiteboard to surfing the internet.
Students stay focused. Teachers save precious time.

Available with Windows® 10 Pro on an Intel® Compute Card

Includes Free Learning Software

Turn static content into interactive lessons with the world’s best education software designed to work within the workflows your teachers already use.

Push updates. Send messages. Run diagnostics.

SMART Remote Management lets you efficiently maintain, secure and support all your devices – including SMART Board displays with iQ.

Write with SMART Board 7000 series

The SMART Board 7000 series frees student imaginations to run wild. Students and teachers can add notes to, and draw on, virtually everything you can show on the board as easy as paper.


Teachers see four different answers written at the same time with Pen ID™.

Smooth writing experience produces lines with curved edges that look real.

Capture screens. Change ink colours. Use presentation tools. Convert writing to text. SMART Ink gives teachers one-touch access to these features and more.

Write 4 pen

Smooth writing experience produces lines with curved edges that look real.

Only with SMART


Exclusive to SMART Board displays, SMART Ink® software lets teachers write over videos and websites, and into PDFs and Microsoft Office® files, then save notes right in the file. Even better, Simultaneous Tool Differentiation frees multiple students to write, erase and move notes at the same time.