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SMART Board MX series

Our Budget-Friendly Interactive Flat Panel has grown in popularity since entering the market. The SMART Board MX series has all the fun Interactive necessary to assist teachers in presenting fun and engaging lessons. In Australia, our SMART Boards come in three sizes, 65”, 75” and 86”. Upgrade your classroom Projector to a SMART Board with Interactive features that will turn your classroom lessons into fun game-based learning. Capturing your student’s undivided attention with this Budget Friendly SMART Board MX series.


Experience the MX series Digital Ink Pen

Our MX series provides more than twice the accuracy of traditional Infrared technology. With our well designed and natural inking technology, our pens give you an experience as though you are actually using a traditional Pen

In-Built iQ Computer

Quickly and easily move between functions/inputs with the SMART Boards MX series In-Built iQ Computer. Annotate over content whether you are watching YouTube, browsing the internet, and easily switch to delivering a whiteboard session.

 Commercially Graded

Our SMART Board MX series is graded to a Commercial standard with a 50,000 life expectancy. Keep your lessons running smoothly with our low maintenance, reliable, and of high-quality SMART Boards.

Built for Longevity

SMART Boards are equipped with several safety, regulatory and environmental certifications and adhere to government regulatory requirements.

The SMART Board MX series is a 4K Ultra HD resolution with an LED screen rated for 50,000 hours. The SMART Board screen is fully heat-tempered, anti-glare glass with a Silktouch frictionless surface. All SMART Boards come with regulatory and environmental certifications and they have SMART Assure Warranty and an ENERGY STAR certification.

Why choose a SMART Board MX Series for your next Interactive lesson?

Interactive SMART Boards encourage fun and exciting learning. They empower the teacher to be creative while engaging students resulting in a collaborative learning environment. Foster a team environment for your class by developing dynamic interactive content for energetic learns. Simply use the basic whiteboard features or advance yourself with the SMART Notebook software which includes SMART Learning Suite and SMART Lumio. SMART Boards are so easy to use. We want you to take your Interactive Classrooms to the next level with a SMART Board MX series