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We would advise that the biggest investment to be made is in the training and professional development of your staff. For this reason, we include a basic training session with each SMART Board purchase. You will learn how to connect to, and orientate a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or display, get an introduction to the SMART software and start to use some of the amazing functionality.

We want to ensure a quick uptake of the latest technology and leave your staff feeling confident.

ENS Interactive have SMART certified trainers who have worked in classrooms with teachers throughout Queensland, and with various companies throughout Australia helping make sure their SMART products are being used effectively.


At ENS Interactive our SMART Certified Trainers are available to walk you through from the very start of lesson creation using the powerful SMART Notebook software through to more advanced uses of SMART Lab. This can include ‘game-based’ learning and teaching ideas.

We can then work with your teachers to create tailored PD linked to curriculum areas, early years’ frameworks and more.


We understand the importance of ensuring staff are on board with the recent technology quickly and easily. Our SMART Certified Trainers will deliver courses aligned to your business needs, focusing on a basic overview of the SMART Board tools available within SMART Meeting Pro software. It will also cover SMART Ink and how to use it with Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.

For existing users of SMART

Do you need some updated training and/or Professional Development using the boards?

Do you have an existing version of SMART Notebook or Meeting Pro Software?

Contact us at training@ensinteractive.com.au or 1300 020 293 so we can:

  • find out your requirements
  • develop course content according to your needs
  • deliver a session at a time and length that suits you and,
  • most importantly follow up to review the course and make sure the course objectives are met.