Introducing SMART Boards 

We understand creating new and exciting ways to keep students engaged in class can be challenging.  SMART Board Interactive Displays with SMART Learning Suite Software can help make learning fun, enhance a student’s learning experience and productivity and enable students to reach their full potential.

They are a fantastic tool to help students with:

  • Comprehension
  • Memory
  • Test scores
  • Literacy
  • Student Participation
  • Student Engagement

Gaining students attention can be tricky and keeping their attention can be even more testing. SMART Board Interactive Displays help you transition from traditional lesson formats to fun and exciting sessions, enhancing the students learning experiences.

As new technologies continue to drive and evolve teaching techniques, consequently it is often difficult to find an interactive display that can support multiple platforms and devices. However, with SMART Boards Interactive Displays you can annotate over:

    • YouTube Videos
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Powerpoint
    • Web Browsers
    • Photos
    • Graphs
    • Maps
    • Articles
    • Web based learning tools
    • And much more

Our clients tell us of their satisfaction of being able to use SMART Board Interactive Displays to create an environment with excitement and where learning takes places through fun and collaboration.

Through use of the SMART Learning Suite Software, teachers can increase student participation in classroom discussions, teachers can then vary their learning techniques from lecturing to group discussions.

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SMART Board Interactive Displays Offer:

  • an infinite whiteboard annotating screen with screenshot capabilities – helpful for capturing notes from the lessons and sending to students.
  • easy connection and sharing content with iOS and Android devices through SMART’s Kapp iQ function – allowing for you to simply download the kapp iQ app, scan the QR code and connect to the SMART Board Interactive Display and annotate in real time.
  • an inbuilt hard drive and ability to connect the SMART Board directly to the internet.
  • the ability to compliment other technologies such as computers, iPads, tablets, cameras, speakers to enhance the learning experience.
  • the ability use digital ink – no more running out of ink or smudged screens or, staining your work clothes

To compliment the state of the art features of a SMART Board Interactive Display, ENS Interactive can also support your teaching experience with SMART Learning Suite Software. With SMART Learning Suite Software, teachers can create fun learning programs and educational games. More importantly by utilising the SMART Learning Suite Software, it can help teachers identify which students understand a concept and which students need more assistance by tracking student progress in real time, helping you manage your time with each student.

SMART Board Interactive Displays and SMART Learning Suite Software’s ability to tailor to a student’s most effective way of learning, seeing, hearing, touching and collaboration, can bridge the gap between a teacher’s knowledge and experience and a student’s engagement in the classroom and ability to learn.

SMART Learning Suite Software also offers:

  • educational game based templates which can accommodate the entire class along with encouraging students to learn from each other.
  • teachers with an abundance of learning tools enhancing a students learning experience.

SMART Board Interactive Displays are an exciting tool available today which can help arm students for success by providing them opportunities to interact and collaborate with each other.

SMART Board Interactive Displays help today’s students grow with the technologies of tomorrow.

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