SMART Board 6000S series

SMART Board 6000S series

Meet the next evolution in helping teachers maximize student outcomes. The SMART Board 6000s Series has exclusive interactive and sensor technology. This technology bridges the physical with digital learning whilst optimize the classroom experience. The SMART Board 6000s is available in 65″, 75″ and 86″ sizes. All 6000s series come with industry-leading touch and ink technology. The 6000s series provides unmatched interactivity and ease of use.


SMART Tool Explorer

Tool Explorer

Expand your toolkit

Add Tool Explorer-enabled objects to your SMART Board 6000S series to make teaching more natural and learning more memorable.

Stamps and Cubes take student engagement with lesson content to the next level. The built-in whiteboard recognizes the manipulatives and reflects them digitally, supporting even more teaching and learning styles.

With multi-colored pens and instructional tools you can write, highlight content, and draw student attention in any file type or application without tool selection or mode switching.

Bridge physical and digital learning

Exclusive ToolSense technology enables students to manipulate real world objects. The objects are automatically recognized by the display to enhance the user experience.

Industry-leading touch and ink

HyPr Touch with InGlass provides precision touch with a low contact threshold to ensure that writing is free from errors and artifacts.

Optimized learning comfort

The 6000S series comes with integrated environmental sensors including temperature and humidity to boost learning and reducing utility costs.

Gesture Touch with SMART Board 6000s series

Using SMART Board Interactive Displays subsequently help students to collaborate much easier. As a result of this collaborative environment, students are able to learning from each other while having lot of fun. With the SMART Board eight simultaneous touch points on devises such as Mac and PC, multiple students can do different things at the same time.

Smart Board 6000 silk touch icon.

Silktouch finish eliminates finger burn for teachers, even after hours of use.

Object awareness knows fingers select, pens write and palms erase.

SMART Board 6000S Series is built to use and built to last


Durable and commercial-grade, SMART Board displays have received many safety, regulatory and environmental certifications. Therefore giving you peace of mind that they adhere to government or other regulatory requirements.

4K Ultra HD resolution

Accelerated Life Testing

LED rated for 50,000 hours

Fully heat-tempered, anti-glare glass

Silktouch™ frictionless surface

ENERGY STAR certification

Conflict-free materials and sourcing

Regulatory and environmental certifications

3 Year SMART Assure Warranty (1 year on pens)

Please note, this information varies by region.

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