In January 2020, we have some exciting news about a new SMART product launching called Tool Explorer stamps and cubes.  Tool Explorer stamps and cubes will be exclusively available for use on the SMART Board 6000S series. Tool Explorer platform, allows teachers and students to manipulate real world objects such as shapes and numbers. These shapes and numbers are automatically recognised by the SMART Board 6000S series displays.

The Tool Explorer stamps and cubes comes in a Play Bundle Stamp Set which has four featured stamps.

  1. Heart 
  2. Star 
  3. Player 1
  4. Player 2

With the new Play Bundle Stamp Set, game based learning couldn’t be more fun. With a multitude of exciting shapes including stars, hearts, player tokens, your classroom will become even more fun and engagement creating true collaboration in the classroom. Stamps can be fantastic for drawing up sports plays, drills, games and so on. 

The selected stamps are simply pressed against SMART Board 6000S series displays are the panel recognises the unique features. The stamps can also attach to magnetic mount points on the SMART Board 6000S series panel.

SMART Play Bundle Stamp Set

Early Learning and Math Cubes

The Early Learning and Math Cubes combines sensory play with skills building. By using these innovative physical objects along with the SMART Board 6000S series displays the students become important contributors to the lessons.

 The Math cubes include:

  1. Numbers (x2 cubes) 
  2. Fractions 
  3. Math operators 

 Early learning cubes include:

  1. Basic shapes 
  2. Emojis  
  3. Integer blocks
  4. Vowels

Tool Explorer Magic Pen and Highlighter Pen  
In addition to the SMART Board standard extensive range of pen options, SMART is launching a new Magic Pen option and a new Highlighter Pen option (these features are in addition to the existing Magic Pens and a existing Highlighter Pens). This again will be exclusive to the SMART Board 6000S series display. Magic Pen ink disappears after a few moments without the need for manual erasing of digital ink. The Magic Pen and Highlighter Pens will be additional pens that can be fitted to the outside of the SMART Boards. The Magic Pen ink features work over any input including PC, Mac, Chrome OS devices and iQ. These new additional feature are also great for video conferencing meetings. Learning in the classroom just keeps on getting more and more fun.